Arial - Detailed, very realistic and touching

This driver course made me realize the many dangers on the road and touched me with their heartfelt stories from car crash survivors or witnesses. The NHSA did a very good job with this course!

Samantha - Parent taught

It was fun but a very long process

Tabitha - tabitha- drivers ed

this helped me alot


I really loved this program, thoroughly explained everything and was very easy to work with. Overall I enjoyed this program!

Jordyn - course review

I liked how user friendly the course was and that it saved your spot so you could easily go back and start where you left off. Also, I like how engaging it was.

Jeremiah - WE DID IT

It was tough, but I learned more every time! Time to impress my prom date!

Alpha - amazing trust me wen I say do this parent taught course you will finish in a day


Justin - parent taught drivers ed

the test was very helpful

Lydia - Drivers Ed Course

Very good and very helpful!

Julian - Really good course

Helped a lot and didn't seem all that long for how informative it was. Again, great course!

Hadassah - Hadassah-Review

Very efficient course; I learned a lot:)

Cesar Leonardo - Great

Very nice!

Kristin - Awesome PTDE Program!!

Very good program for teens to complete their Parent Taught Driver's Education plus it is easy to follow along with and keep kids focused. They include the permit test with the price of the program and many places charge a lot more for that option. They honored their price match guarantee when I found somewhere cheaper. I am very happy with my decision to use National Highway Safety Administration!

Matthew - Nhsa

Nice driving courses

Malakai - Great for my son

loved it. my son learned a lot. he actually enjoyed the class and it was at his own pace. glad I didn't have to pay hundreds of dollars for him to go to a class

Adam - TX Parent Taught Drivers ED & Permit Test

The self pacing of this course was excellent.  The content matched what was needed to pass the completion test.

Grace - Course

This course was really good even if there was a lot of reading

Ceily - Ceily - fun

This helped me a lot

Cameron - Thank you

It helped me a lot

Tasha - great

a little long but everything u need to know is in the curriculum

Michelle - Dominic - Awsome

i loved it, it really helped me a lot and educated me very well

Richard - Effecticve

Long, but necessary for understanding and hits the key points needed

Linda - great

very good course

LaNia - Happy

I love this course it’s amazing; I’m so glade I’m about to get my license!!!!

Poli - my thoughts

a lot of information

melia - awesome

this is really amazing course i really liked it you learn alot from it

REX - Great Course!

I really enjoyed the course and learned everything I needed to in order to get my license and drive in the state of Texas. Highly recommend!

Isaiah - The best!

This is a really easy course. Step-by-step action! Thanks again.

Jayden - jayden

easy and very educational

Dylan - Review

Was great. I learned a lot about the laws of Texas and how to drive safely.

Amaya - Amaya - Amazing

Amazing course :D

Chris - Chris


Crystal - Brianna

Loved it

Anthony - Teen drivers ed.

This is a great course if your going to do online drivers ed.... I had my learners at 15... easy if ur dedicated and want your license. Test are good. Pay attention.

Veronica - Isabel


Shelby - Great


Logan - Awesome

Amazing course:)

Leonel - best


Jeremy - Awsome

This course is awesome, and I got to learn from the best driver I know.

syriana - drivers ed is great

i love the options and videos included maybe provide a setting where you can play games with vocab word to help memorize everything.

Cloe - Love this course!!!!

I loved it!!  It was very easy and all the little jokes and sarcasm really keep you interested.

Deana - Amazing!

This was an amazing way for me to get my license! Thank yall so much!

Jamie - In depth course

I enjoyed!

Richard - THE BEST

very engaging allows for parents and students to understand everything that is need to be a amazing drive. truly satisfied

Kazuko - Review

i can do it on my phone or laptop

Mallory - good

very long, but imformative

Mandy - love it

nicely prepaired and easy to understand

Isabella - Partner Course Portal

Amazing way to learn to drive and what to look out for. 10 out of 10 would definetly recommend.

Alia - Alia

I learned lots of information!

Tyler - Ilias- Long but easy

Nice test and you dont have to read it making it easy to listen while doing something else.

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