Product reviews for TX Defensive Driving Course Online

Teryn - Good course

This is a good course for refreshing your knowledge for drivers safety.

John - Driver Safety Course

Very good course. Comprehensive for all age groups. Well done.

Susan - Texas Defensive Driving Online Course

This course was very well done. The videos helped explain the content every step of the way. The choices to read or listen along were excellent. I feel like taking the course will make me a better driver. Thanks!

Summer - Best

Good Videos.  Eye opening & educational

Deborah - TX Defensive Driving Course Online

Convenient, informative, well-done, highly recommend.

Corey - Defensive Driving Course

Simple course navigation. Picking up where I left off was very helpful.

Jill - Great class!

I was given the opportunity to take this class as a result of a speeding ticket. I have driven professionally in the past and am familiar with continuing education driving materials, this is one of the best. I wish that it could be legislated that upon first obtaining a license in a new state, and upon license renewal that this class is mandatory. Regular re-education should not be only for the professionals, we are all driving together! Thank you for providing quality material in an effort to save lives!

Pamela - Defensive Driving Education

I found this course to be educational and easy to comprehend. The material is geared towards educating the average, everyday driver of all ages.

Wesley - Awesome Course!

The read-a-long was great and very helpful! The quizes throughout the sections made me more confident in passing my final exam!


It took me longer than 6 hours but I found it to be easy to follow, clear to understand, and educational.  Cheaper than other courses that I found.

Robert - Rob - straight to the point and efficient

was able to get this done on my own time

Tarik Ahasan - Great

The content was very good; however the video playback can be a little unreliable at times.

Gavin - Simple and Concise

Course was easy to sign up for, complete and get verified.

Misael - Simple and to the point

Good course that covered plenty in a straight and direct approach.

Jennifer - Defensive Driving Review

Very good course to take to review safety of driving!

Larissa - Driving Course

Lots of information and helpful change improve teenage driving.

Merari - Defensive Driving

Easy and no hassle! Would Highly recommend.

Annadyne - Defensive Driving

Easy course to navigate. Thank you.

Solomon - Review

Very straightforward

Meghan - Defensive driving course review

Very convenient.

harlee - LANE


Eldon - Straight forward

Good course, perfect for new drivers and good refresher for drivers who have done it in the past

Modesta - Good Choice in driving safety course

Easy to navigate and user-friendly. Loved the read-aloud.

Jenefer - Texas defensive driving course review

Easy to navigate through course. Information is very educational.

Deborah - Great Defensive Driving Course

Very user friendly, convenient and easy to navigate.  Alternating between videos and the text was good, too.

Armando - Easy Course

Quick and easy

Jaylon - defensive driving course

great course

Sean - Convenient

Very convenient to complete on my own time.


User friendly, very educational and easy.

Monica - Monica - Defensive Driving

This course was easy to navigate, and the information was super helpful.

Ignacio - It was good

It was good

Mary - TX Defensive Driving Course Online

It was a good online class.  Provided enough time to read through the material and the videos were relevant and good to watch.

antonio - defensive driving

honestly better than I anticipated very helpful and learned a few new things.

Swan'yae - Defensive Driving

I learned alot



Devante - Defensive Driving Course

Great course

ANTHONY - Pretty good

got the job done

Kimberly - Good

This course provides tons of very helpful information. It was not what I expected. It was better.

Kaitlynn - Defensive Driving

Very easy and non-time comsuming

Sharon - Online Defensive Driving Course

A good mix of video and reading.  I appreciate the option to listen to audio as well. Very informative.

Jose - Jose - Defensive Driving Course

It was really good and helped me learn a lot

JULIO - Defense driving

It was awesome and easy

Rolando - Fast, Easy Course

Convenient. The videos were actually not bad. Would take again if needed to.

Michael - TX Defensive Driving Course Online

Very convenient to be able to take the course at home.

Martin - Defensive Driving Course

Excellent,, Highly recommend

Charles - Laura - TX Defensive Driving Course

Very thorough and useful Defensive Driving Course.  Very informative.

Lisa - Defensive Driving


Joseph - TX Defensive Driving Course Online

Excellent course.

Daisy - Good


Kwan - Easy to use

Great way to get your DD class done. Easy to use and saves your place to continue.

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