Product reviews for FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

Andrew - andrew - drug and alcohol test

it was not too hard

Ashley - Effectiveness and Helpfulness

This program was quick, helpful and insightful. I started yesterday afternoon and have completed the course today. The audio reader was very helpful. Thank God

Omari - Omari's TLSAE Review

I found this course and test to be very knowledgeable and practical. Being able to stop and resume at my own pace made it simple for me because of the lack of time. I also liked that the test provided a significant amount of time and allowed me to restart after many connectivity issues on my part.

Antoinette - Antoinette

Not so hard just a long course

Daniella - Drug and Alcohol course exam

It was very helpful and I learned a lot. This course was very easy to understand



staysie - drug and alcohol course exam

its was straight forward and easy.

Ruby Jane - fl traffic law substance abuse education course

I learned a lot from this course. The certificate was sent after I completed the course

Michael - tlsae

Great course ! Course is very staightforward .

SHREE - Review

I enjoyed this course. It is a good pace and goes over the material well.

Brent - Great Course

This course was easy enough to understand, since there was a lot of good material.

Amalia - Florida Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education Course

Very informative and important information, presented in a well organized manner.

Lily - Drug and substance abuse

Very helpful

Zachary - Mid Tier

The course was mid tier, Fail Proof yet anyone could do it.

Sohaila - Drug and Substance abuse


Carolyn - Not bad!

Completed this is one day while I went about my normal routine. Super simple and easy to follow.

Oleksandra - Drug and Substance Abuse ED

Very informative

Carlos - Carlos- Course Review


Lizbeth - Drug and Substance abuse

it was alright thank you

Shawn - Drivers ED

easy and knowlegable

Katelin - Course Review

I’m 27 years old getting my license for the first time and I found the course helpful and very informative.

Candace - great


Anniyah - Great


SARAI - FL Traffic Law & Substance Abuse Education Course

Very informative

Jeilynn - FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

Excellent and easy to navigate course. Allowed me to learn quickly and efficiently.

Bentley - Bentley

The course is easy

Yoselin - FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education

Easy to manage and very insightful on Florida's Laws.

Aaliyah - Drinking and driving course

It was good

Akinwande - Great

It was a very informative, easy to use, and I had no issues with it.

Harika - I like it

I enjoyed full course. its very easy to learn and improve our knowledge

Robert - Great test.

Straight to the point and made it easy to prepare for the exam!

Amanda Miguel - Great course

Very easy. I love it.

Melissa - Straight to the point!

At first I was skeptical about spending the money and doing it but I took a chance and dedicated my Sunday on doing it. I'll admit it was a few hours but it was well worth it. I did it in one day. Took the test just once and passed. I'm glad I did it. It's a great program.

Gabriella - Great

THE perfect test to take for your drug and alcohol course!

Akyla - review

it was good

maikel - Best Learning Course Yet

Thank you!!!!!!!

nicole - Best Course ever

It went really well for me and if you couldn't finish all in one day you could say your work and get back to the same page the next day you get back to with it. I also liked that it could be read aloud to me that WAS REALLY useful.

Naomi - Drug and Alcohol course

Review was amazing and I passed my test on the first try.

Macey - Floria traffic law substance abuse education course

Thank you it was good

Ethan - drug and alcohol course

it was nice

Yaquelin - FLTLSAEC

Excellent program very easy to do and very explanatory

Danique - Comprehensive

The course was quick and easy to follow. Pop quizzes also helped prepare you for the final exam. Overall a great program to use for the TLSAE Course.

Cynthia - Great course

The course was great and a lot of good information about drug abuse and danger of driving while impaired.

Hailey - 4 hour course

it was good

Mabel - Law substance course



Educational, inexpensive, informational. I recommend this to anyone who's starting their driving journey! Taking notes along the way definitely helps. Happy driving! :)

Nadia - Good Course

The program was easy to register, the price was affordable, and the course was easy to understand and complete.

Amanda - User Friendly

The audio along with the text made it easy to follow and absorb the lessons. The information was simply put while still be indepth. I would endorse this site to others. Well done!

Ana - Carolina

Excelente...! Muy didáctico

Jakory - First time

Very easy but a bit stressful.

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