Product reviews for FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

Andrea - Affordable and very easy to complete

Honestly, I love the way it was set up  to read everything was easy and understandable.

yuwadee - Drug and Alcohol Course - State of Florida

The test was very informative and easy to use. Being able to pause and resume was straight forward.

Toni - TLSAE

I absolutely loved this it helped me so much I would definitely recommend to all friends and family

Brandyn - pretty neat.

It was easily used and provided great information. The text to speech system needs an improvement however.

Nadjeda - Affordable and easy

compared to $30 and above courses, this one was only $14, very affordable, free audio and easy to follow along and comprehend.

Kevin - Kevin best website

easy teaching and learning.

Benjamin - 10/10

Very helpful and taught me everything I needed to know to pass the test and hopefully get my license.


it was fun, and I learned a lot

kiara - Very good

Easily understood

Savannah - Very easy to use and really informative!

It was very easy to comprehend and complete!

Destiny - TLSAEC

Great course. Passed exam first time taken.

Draylee - Very easy

Super simple and easy to understand.

Camilo - test camilo

i tryed so hard for pass

Madeline - Very easy to use

very easy to understand

Carlos - Good Experience

It was very easy to use and complete.

Eva-Lea - Easy and Beneficial!

The price is reasonable for the information provided. I enjoyed learning and liked the fact I could go at my own pace. Worth the money.

Cyntoria - amazing

i got my certificate less then 2 weeks with no problems at all it was so easy and it didnt get in the way of my regular day schedule

MAHFUZUL ISLAM - very difficult

......................not good

christopher - Excellent

It was easy to navigate and seem to work perfectly

Abel Junior - Very Intuitive Course

Not a bad investment,
The course was clear and easy to understand.
Highly recommend it.

Antonio - Course

It was easy to get and I liked how the course worked

Reina - Great Course

This course was very straight forward and easy to follow. You are able to focus and quickly finish the course with no problems.

JERRIESHA - soo easy lol

super easy only missed 3 questions. i was scared to do this online cus i never trust online sights but this was one real so yeah! idk about the other ones tho

George - Meh.

Got the job done, but felt like actual torture.

Nicole - Nicole - Good course

I learned a lot of things I didn’t know before.

Krishnasree - Excellent

very good course

Faviana - Good Corse

Helped alot.

Dunel Rachid Frico - Great


Alexander - Very Good Course

This course was extremely simple and convenient. The user interface of the site is very easy to navigate, and the completion of the course itself was made easy.

braulio - passed

i enjoyed my experincae

Travis - Substance abuse education course

Easy and a great learning experience.

William - Very convenient.

Material was presented in a way that was easy to consume and comprehend.

Janoiah - good course

great course and very easy to understand.

KEISHA - Great Course

Very interesting. I learnt a lot

Wilbert - Florida Traffic Law and Substance


Jane - Great

Good course

Arianna - Good course for first time drivers

Good course that’s easy to understand

Makhaela - Great course

Great help and also goes at your pace so you don’t have to feel rushed at all take it at your time very convenient.

Kaisa - Great

I do happy I picked this website for my driving needs!

SHLOK - Good course

Great course

Nazar - Nazar

Course is great , passed for the first time

Adrian Alberto - Convenient

Very simple to do and understand!

Joseph - great course

great course, easy to follow along with. Great information

Katlin - Thank you!

Thank you for this drivers ed course!! The videos were extremely long, and outdated, But were very helpful!

Catalina - Would recommend the course

I liked that you could do it at your own pace. Very good course.

Janelle - Great course

Very simple and convenient! Helped a lot.

Zoe - Make sure to actually pay attention and you'll do good

This is a good but very long course to do, wen you take the end of the course and get to the test make sure you have payed great attention and you will pass.

Naylin - Nay

An amazing course!

paula - 10 stars

It was really good and helped me understand easily throughout.

Lawson - Good course

very easy to complete

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