Product reviews for FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

Paola angelie - Rápido y efectivo

Me encanto todo perfecto muy burno

Byron - Very good course

I really liked the course, explains everything really good and shows a lot of interesting information

frientley - i passed

it's easy love this websites

Victoria - I pass my test

I loved everything about the course it brought me a lot of concern when it comes to taking drug and alcohol while driving

Nicole - FTLSAEC

This course was very helpful for helping me learn about drugs and alcohol for my learners permit.

Marc - Amazing

Fast and efficient love it!!

Helen - Good


Savanna - good


Daanish - TLSAE


Cynthia - Great Course

Effective, comprehensive, clear information. Strongly recommend!

Mary - TLSAE Course

Very interactive and friendly use of the platform. Facilitates the learning process to succesfully pass. Thanks!



Aaron - Good

I liked it.

David - Great at the explanation of material

Some course material seemed to be a little irrelevant to the entirety of the course.

Thomas - TSLAE #1

Really easy course, made it simple for me to pass and get my permit.

Fernanda - Excelente

Un curso BREVE pero completo

Pinal - Nice Course for FL - TLSAE.

Best webportal found so far. Easy explainations and supported in all devices. I liked it. Best money spent on this course. Thank you National highway Safety Admin for providing this online.

Nabeel - Take it!

very good course. Be careful some tricky questions I did not find direct answers in the course but this happens in every test

Hannah - great

it was a little long but worth it

Karina - Great Course

I recommend this course. I really like the pop quizzes, it helped me a lot on the final exam.

Ruby - It was really fun learning!

It was very clear, organized, easy, informative, and fun! I enjoyed the course and I hope to learn how to drive a car soon. :)

Nickesha - FL Traffic Law and Substance Abuse

This course was very informative. So much so that I highly recommend that it should be required as a refresher course for license renewal. Matter of fact it should be required before a learners permit in every state across America.

Jessica - Driver's Ed

Very effective, informational, and educational course. AND CHEAP. Would Recommend!

Daylon - Good class.

It was easy to understand.

Taylor - Great Course

I learned a lot, and I absolutely loved the course!

Issac - Fl Traffic law substance abuse education course review

I think the Florida Traffic law substance abuse course does a good job of educating people on the dangers of driving while under the influence of drugs/alcohol. This course gave me a lot of insight and I'm glad to have learned a few things from it, such as different persuasion techniques to convince your peers to use their better judgement.

Vaishali Unnikrishnan - Effective and engaging

Learned a lot. The timers and security questions made sure I did not skip any of the pages and I was the one taking the course throughout.

silvestre - good

was simple and fast

Javier - Course Review

Very quick and effective, taught me everything very coherently and it gave me material that I enjoyed learning.

Kaden - good class

took me a while...

eselaime - Quick

Quick effective and easy to understand Learned alot

Brianna - Quick and effective!

Loved the course! Ive learned a lot.

Destiny - Destiny

this is a good course



Quang - Great!

I've had a great experience learning through the course provided by the National Highway Safety Administration, and I highly recommend this course to any beginners who want to achieve a driver's license!

Brian - Brian

Hola soy Brian

James - Florida traffic law substance abuse education course

The course was detailed and thorough. I actually feel like I learned a few things!

Carlos - Drug and Alcohol Course Review

Drug and Alcohol course was easy to maneuver through and easy to exit and re-enter to continue where left off. Course was well organized/informative and videos were educational.

Roberto - drug and alcohol test

Very easy and good

Dante - Drug and alcohol course


Luis - Awesome

It did get kinda tiring but the little movies on drunk driving made me more aware of the consequences of driving under the influence.

Tyler - learning course on FL traffic laws and substance abuse

really good resources and helpful to learn ahead before starting any driing

Jacob - It was okay

It was okay

Michael - was ok

was ok

Sarah - Course review

Very informative and helpful!

Xavier - Course review

it was straight forward but repetitive.

Gavin - Easy to understand

Drug and alcohol test

Emille - FL Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course

very informative and useful specially for new drivers.

Angelie - Easy

Easy straight to the point very informative

Nydia - Ny

I learned so much!

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