Kelly - Drivers Education

The course was very easy to understand

Ian - TX parent taught drivers ed

It was an easy online process and would recommend this to other people.

Rylee - Drivers Ed

It was awesome and taught me everything I needed to know. I also got a high score

Kate - Highly recommend!

It was very convenient and simple to navigate! It was very easy to make time for with a busy life style!

Delaney - Extremely useful

This course taught me everything I had questions about before learning to drive and answered all of my concerns. It taught me so many useful things that I will definitely remember during my time on the road. Thank you so much for this course!

Cora - Driving Course

This was very informative, i feel safer on the road knowing the information i had learned about the risks and knowing what to do in certain situations.

Sarah - sarah

easy to understand, cheap, quick and educational.

Bryan - Good

Very excellent class, didn’t take too long.

Olivia - Olivia

Test was super easy! Enjoyed it very well!

Taycelynn - taycelynn reedy

very straight forward course, pretty easy to complete

Bernardo - Driver Education

Great course for driver education and licensing documentation!

ashton - Divers ed

Loved it, it was easy and convenient to be able to get all the knowledge of an in class course online.

Melody - Melody- Driving Course

This course is very easy and understandable to everyone who takes it, and it is very affordable!!

Tanner - Review

The course was great for me to gain more knowledge of road safety

Abriel - over all

this was a great and easy to use program

Sophia - Sophia

Easy to understand and learn. Enjoyed it!

Tara - Experience using NATIONAL HIGHWAY SAFETY [parent taught drivers ed]

It was a good website to complete my driving course. So that I could get my permit and get started on my driving journey.

Diego - So Slay

Easy, fast, and cheap compared to regular classes

Hailey - good

Was a very helpful course, Taught well and was easy!

Jaclyne - How I liked it

It was really good. Not to long and not to short I feel much more comfortable now.

Jayden - Parent taught review

Great!! This course is super convenient!

Benjamin - Thanks for having this in-depth course

It was extremely helpful and clear. Thank you NHSA!;)

Cadence - Simple

A course that they can teach in school can be simplified so much and it's great.

Gavin - Very helpful, and insightful.

Overall a course I'd recommend for it's depth, detail, and learning experiences.

Gisele - Review of NHSA

Important information was given, gave many great examples and went into details about everything. Easy to understand and very helpful in general!

M - Good course!

A really good course! I enjoyed the videos to help break up the reading portion!

Colleen - Review

This program wasn’t extremely boring and was easy to understand and get through. Highly recommend!

Ayden - Very informative

simple questions but very easy to understand.

Brianna - The Best Drivers Ed

It has been amazing I learned a lot.

Giannah - Great Drivers Course!

This course was easy to understand and helped me solidify the information with quizzes at the end of each section. It was easy to get my permit shortly after starting this course but finishing the rest of the course did take a long time. Finishing the course was worth it and I would recommend for anyone on the journey to getting their license!

Jose - Coolio

I thought it was nice. I got to work at my own pace. I feel pretty informed.

Elijah - Elijah

Extremely simple and straight to the point.
I recommend to anybody looking for education

Kaitlyn - It was helpful

It was very helpful, and I was able understand the information that was given. Highly recommend.

Hailey - good and easy

very easy to nail down the points of the road and learn easily

Summer - Drivers Ed

The tasks of the course were simple and straightforward which allowed for the best possible ability for understanding the information.

Quentin - Quentin Tebo

This was a very helpful course to take. It definitely helped me understand the precautions I need to take while driving and helped me learn a lot.

Lina-Malik - Drivers ed + permit test

It is Super easy and very helpful for me

David - Vivian

Very nice course, simple to understand

Carrie - Drivers course

It was very straight foward and gave multiple chances to redo and learn.

Price - Price

Loved this course. Opens your eyes to any danger that awaits on the roads and shows how to keep you safe.

Mahati - Knowledgeable, worth it!

The course taught a well-rounded understanding of what to do on and off the road. They covered multiple topics in depth and it did not feel overwhelming. Thank you and strongly recommend!

Hannah - Hannah

Easy to follow along

Jeff - Love it!!

Very easy and simple!! Helped soooooooo much!!

Caden - Driving course

Really good course taught me a lot and everything I need to know

Jayden - Driving course

The course was great at enlightening you on what you thought was correct and what is actually correct

Aubrey - Review

I really enjoyed the taking this online course. Not only did the course help me get a better understanding of driving and the skills I may need; but the videos included gave me a different and better understanding about how taking risk can not only affect me but the other drivers on the road.

Koen - 🇺🇸

Not bad

Yousuf - Very Easy and Quick

I got very lazy because I knew I could finish it, and it took me around a couple of days to finish the whole thing, it is very easy, like very easy.

Hunter - Drivers ed Course

Very easy to navigate, very detailed.

Hunter - great course

This course was very simple and straight forward and easy to navigate. Loved that it had the read aloud option too.

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