Product reviews for TX Defensive Driving Course Online

Martin - Defensive Driving Course

Excellent,, Highly recommend

Charles - Laura - TX Defensive Driving Course

Very thorough and useful Defensive Driving Course.  Very informative.

Lisa - Defensive Driving


Joseph - TX Defensive Driving Course Online

Excellent course.

Daisy - Good


Mark - NHSA Defensive Driving Course Review

I believe the content is well presented and thought out.  A couple of the videos were a bit corny, but overall, an excellent course.

Candace - Defensive Driving Course

Very informative

John - DDC

Fast, Easy, learned a lot

Laura - TX Defensive Driving Course

This was a very thorough and useful Defensive Driving Course.  I'm glad I took it.

Benay - Easy enough

This course was easy enough to complete in the six hours.

preseetha - Preseetha - Defensive driving course

Educational and helpful

Juan - Incredible course

Informative and easy to finish

Manuel - Safety

Im gonna be a better driver

Eric - Defensive driving course

Simple and easy

Sheila - Defensive Driving Course

This course was all encompassing, and I feel like I learned a lot while taking it.

Phat - Good Course, very helpful

Very Good refresher course that everyone could use every few years.

Sonia - Defensive driving course


Ruben - Fast and Easy

really easy to get through and very educational

Viet - Defensive driving course

The course was education and helpful.

Emmanuel - Good


Gustavo - Review

Great at your pace course

Louria - Defense Driving Course

The Course was educational and helpful.

Simant - Defensive Driving Course Review

The course was pretty much easy to navigate and the materials were very helpful. Text to speech feature was very useful while taking the course.

Anish - Easy Driving course, Would Recommend

This course is well informed &explained many of the concepts of driving safe and the prevention of accidents and speeding tickets pretty well.

Kandace - Defensive driving course

This was not only informative,it kept me interested.

Shini - Shiny

Enjoyed learning through this course. Very informative and interesting videos.

Joshua - Defensive Driving Course

The Course was educational and helpful.

Teresa - Nice

It was a really good refresher.

Bradley - Convenient and informative

This program was easy to use, easy to understand and can be completed in a convenient manner.

Rebecca - Defensive Driving Course

Excellent presentation with clear and relevant materials.

Esther - Very captivating

Great course, and very informative. Every driver in Texas should take this course for updates

K’Lee - KLee

It very informative

Gary - Tx Defensive Driving Course Review

Provided an overview of essential aspects for safe driving.

Brianna - Simple

This course could be completed in a couple of days. Quick with useful information.

Angel - Good

Very good and easy

Abhijit - Very well documented

The course is very well documented and creates awareness about the responsibilities that come with driving.

Ana Elisa - good

not bad for a defensive driving course, very direct and simple

Taewook - Excellent course

Good to choose this course.

Mariam - Excellent course

I took this course to save 10-15 percent on my auto insurance and it’s worth the time to take it. I refreshed my memory and I highly recommend everyone to take it.

Valerie - TX Defensive Driving Course Online

I learned several things and am happy I took this course.

Mohabatullah - Safety course

Very well explained specially when it has option to listen it.

Rita - Defensive Driving Course

Great course, lots of informative information.

aamani - Great Course

Eye-opener to a lot of elements as a road user.

Brandon - Great Course

It was amazing that it was fast and imformatitive at the same time and even easy t remember

Anthony - Great Course

This course was very informative.  If reminded me of somethings I had forgotten.

Brandon - Defensive driving

Very educational

Juan - Informatice Course

the content of the course was interesting and informative and enabled me to reflect on how my actions caused the accident
Easy and effective - Good content, information and examples.

Alexander - Good course

The course was informative although some of the videos were outdated, the message was impactful. It reminded me of things that I learned during drivers ed, but forgot over the years. Sad cases but high openers.

Chrissa - Informative Course

The course was very informative. Enjoyed the use of videos and quizzes in between the topics, as they really helped with retaining the information being covered. Overall the course was easy to navigate and get through!

GARY - Defensive Driving Course

Good overview of driving safely.

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